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tv   Newsline  NHK World  July 2, 2014 9:00am-9:31am JST

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welcome to "newsline." it's wednesday july 2nd. i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. members of the japanese cabinet have approved a new national defense policy. they reinterpretered the constitution to use its right to collective self-defense. so japan will be able to defend other countries under attack. >> translator: japan has consistently followed a path of peace. we're not changing the country's course. rather, we're trying to further strengthen our stance.
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the cabinet decision shows our resolution and commitment. >> past administrations maintain the constitution would only allow the use of force if the c cabinet was attacked directly. the cabinet's decision will permit the use of a minimum amount of force to defend a closely related country under attack. cab members says the right should be limited to when there are clear dangers that japan's existence is threatened and the rights of its citizens are fundamentally overturned. the cabinet says japan may use force when there's no other appropriate means to repel the attack to protect the country and its citizens. some japanese are upset about the new policy. thousands of people headed to the prime minister's office to protest. the demonstrators started gathering on tuesday morning. they stayed there until late afternoon when the cabinet gave its approval. some pointed to article 9 of the constitution which renounces war. they held up banners that said,
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don't destroy article 9 of the constitution. and don't go to war. >> i came here because i think young people should raise their voices. >> translator: i think the government is trying to change a policy decision without any vote on the constitution and without amending it. >> some lawyers are calling on them to remand the decision and members point out they're bound by the constitution and say the cabinet has effectively changed article 9 without thorough discussion with the people. they say this runs counter to constitutionalism. the u.s. government has welcomed the shift in position saying the united states-japanese alliance is one of the u.s.'s most important
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partnership and welcome their cooperation and efforts to maintain openness and transparency throughout the process. the u.s. would um any efforts that would enhance japan's role in the alliance and expects japan to continue its contribution to regional stability. a spokesperson for china's foreign ministry says china must respect the concerns of its asian neighbors and not undermine chinese sovereignty and safety. >> translator: japan has been causing trouble recently over historical issues. now it has adopted unprecedented military and security policies. china cannot help but suspect that japan seeks to change the peaceful path it has followed since world war ii.
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>> hong says china opposes japan's attempt to advance its domestic political agenda by fabricating threats posed by the country. and in south korea, a spokesperson for the foreign ministry said the country views japan's decision as a serious change in security policy. he said his government will watch developments closely. >> translator: japan needs our advanced consent to exercise collective self-defense if the move would affect security on the korean peninsula and our interests. >> he said japanese leaders must abandon their historical revisionism and act properly so that japan can earn trust from its neighbors. analysts say south korea has not openly opposed tokyo's engagement in collective self-defense. and they say this may be out of consideration for the u.s., which supports the japanese government's move. it's time now for the latest
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in business news. chinese officials have promised to allow investors to drive the market but american officials say chinese still have a way to go. good morning. tell us more about this. >> it's the yuan, catherine. the chinese currency doesn't move like the dollar or euro, it's pegged to the dollar. how investors feel about it doesn't make a difference to its worth. chinese and americans want to change this. we're hearing from the u.s. treasury secretary about just that. jack lew says chinese officials have made progress toward letting markets decide the value of the country's currency. he says they widened the trade ing ban of the yuan but need to do more. lew was speaking to economic officials from the two countries holding their economic and strategic dialogue in bay ging.
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beijin beijing. >> it is undervalued and that urts the purchasing power and we need to keep making progress to get to a marketing exchange rate. >> the officials will discuss an investment treaty and regulatory reforms. while global investors are focused on improving economic data out of china and the u.s., they're hoping the recovery across the world is on firmer footing and they bought stocks. wall street ended on fresh highs the first day of july. the dow jones industrial average rose to another record just shy of the 17,000 level. the technology index nasdaq went up more than 1% to post a new 14 year high. let's go to remi mali gard standing by at the tokyo stock exchange, how are investors starting to trade? >> as we get under way we're seeing global stocks resuming
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and trend. and wall street is providing a pretty big boost to sentiment overall. let's have a look how the nikkei and topix are kicking off. 15,403, up half a percent and trading in the positive. the nikkei healed its best week since tuesday and the dollar against the yen helps exporters here and not only exporters, banks and brokerages, mitsubishi was one of the biggest winners yesterday. and the sales figures for the u.s. were pretty positive. we're going to keep track of a lot of the major automakers, toyota, honda, nissan and some related sectors as well. ai. >> investors always tracking the dollar yen level whereas the pair are trading ahead of several key events this week. >> yes. big events, the job numbers
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you're referring to. let's have a look at currency levels. yesterday's numbers came out good. other economic data out of the u.s. has given a bit of mixed picture. dollar 101.57-59. a lot of investors want to see thursday's unemployment and non-farm payroll figures. your ro farm, 1.3680 to 3682 and a lot is guidance from the central bank thursday and some caution about keeping investors sidelines. euro on the scene 138.95-97. one big point of interest is the discussion between fed chair janet yellin and international monetary chief christine, and a lot of market players and investors want to see what they have to say about maintaining stability in the global markets.
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asian index is here, a big focus how that relates to japanese shares as well. so far in the first few minutes of trading for the nikkei and the tom ppix, we're in the posie for july 2nd. we'll see how the morning progresses and i'll have a morning update later. >> all right, remi, we'll talk to you in a few hours, reamin mellegard from the tokyo stock exchange. that's it for us and i will leave you with other market figures.
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next a look at the world cup soccer action in brazil. argentina got a hard fought victory over switzerland. >> after a scoreless first half argentina kept up the pace.
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but their star attackers couldn't break open the strong swiss defense. the game went into extra time. and in the 118th minute, a player from argentina scored a tie-breaking goal with an assist from lionel messi. argentina survived the last swift attempt and won the game 1-0. gbell gym and the united states played the last match to the quarterfinals. belgium moved to the final eight. the match was scoreless after 90 minutes. both teams tried to make an break through in extra time.
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belgium scored the goal in the 93rd minute. and driving home belgium's second goal in the 105th minute. but two minutes later, 19-year-old striker julian green's volley found the net. it was the usa's only goal. belgium advanced to the quarterfinals for the first time in 1986 in mexico, when they colle clenched fourth place. argentina and belgium will meet saturday for a spot in the semifinals. here are the top scorers for the world cup. james rodriguez has five goals. thomas mueller of germany. lionel messi of argentina and brazil's neymar of four each. the round of 16 is now over. five of the eight matches went into extra time including penalty shootouts. there will be no games wednesday and thursday.
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we'll bring you another report on friday. in other news, delegates from japan and north korea have met in beijing to revisit something that's divided them for decades. japanese government officials say north korean agents abduct ed up to 17 japanese nationals in the 1970s and '80s. they have agreed to conduct an investigation and japanese are trying to determine if they're following through. >> reporter: the japanese delegation was eager to hold bilateral talks. they specifically wanted to know who will be in charge of the committee and what authority it will have. the delegation promises in 2004
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north korea promised to conduct a probe into the fate of the abductees. but investigators were given only limited authority. many in japan questioned the validity of the findings. >> translator: we ask whether this committee has the authority to check all relevant organizations as we agreed in previous talks. >> reporter: north korean chief envoy song il ho explained that the committee's investigative powers. the japanese delegation insisted that he explain all details about the committee before setting it up. north korea is increasingly isolated. ties with china, its traditional ally, are cooling. this thursday, chinese president
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xi jinping is scheduled to meet his south korean counterpart park geun-hye. it will be the first time a chinese president traveled to seoul before visiting pyongyang. tense relations with south korea aimed at leaders in the north can't expect economic assistance from seoul. and officials from the u.s. have shown no interest in holding talks. this has all prompt north korean authorities to seek normal relations with japan. the abductees are getting older and little time is left. north koreans have seen abe's eagerness to resolve the abduction issue. analysts say authorities in the north are hoping japanese leaders will respond to these moves by partially lifting their sanctions and offering humanitarian assistance.
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they say north korea's economy is in their strengths. on wednesday, the japanese delegation will return to tokyo and meet with japanese leaders. they'll discuss reliability of the committee before deciding on lifting sanctions. nhk world, beijing. the leader of iraq's kurdish autonomous region says he plans to hold an independence referendum in months. the kurdish leader said the country is already effectively partitioned. the comments were made in an interview with the bbc. he said kurds would play a part
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in the political solution to the fighting but he said independence is their right. in the past month, kurdish fighters have moved into areas abandoned by iraqi forces, including kirkuk. the city has been one of the country's largest oil fields. the kurds have argued with iraqis for years about sharing oil revenues and long pushed for an independent state. argument iing separatists b air, after the president announced he would not renew a successi cease-fire. port portchenko said he would rid them of terrorists and said they are considering a state of emergency in the east.
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pro-russian activists there have blown up rail lines and some fired shots at a bus they fear it will only get worse. former president sarkozy is held for questioning on anies pedaling. they say he's held over suspicion a judge leaked him details of an investigation into illegal funding of his 2007 presidential campaign. the reports say sarkozy is suspected of promising the judge a new position in return. under the law suspects can be held up to 48 hours before they must be either indicted or released. sarkozy is the first former head of state to be held for questioning in modern french history. analysts say the news is a huge
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blow to his hopes of being elected french president once again in 2017. craftsmen in japan have been making traditional ink brushes for centuries. as fewer people use calligraphy brushes, the market for them is shrinking. now, the owner of one business has come up with new ideas for his products and they've been a stroke of success. >> translator: it's so soft. if only i were 20 years younger. >> translator: it feels lovely. >> reporter: customers come to this tokyo boutique in search of a little luxury. high end japanese makeup brushes, made of premium squirrel hair. the company behind these tools is a japanese brush maker that's been in busy more than 300
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years. there was a long calligraphy of brush craftsmanship using various kinds of animal hair combining them for softness and rigidity. thanks to their superior quality and because they are custom made, these brushes have been prized by japanese call liggraphers over the centuries. the president of the 13th president of this company, when he took over 20 years ago, sales were dropping as fewer people practice calligraphy these days. he knew if the company was to survive, he needed to create a bigger market so he delved back into the company's history for inspiration. he found that in the old days, his predecessors made brushes for a wide virety of uses. some were used for applying makeup. he realized if he used traditional methods to produce
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high quality makeup brushes there could be strong demand. four years ago he took the leap and went into production. they're made exactly the same way as the calligraphy brushes. the tips are not trimmed, instead the length of each hair is adjusted from the root and having no sharp edges makes the brush extremely soft on each end. each brush is carefully combed to make sure no hair comes away when applied. it is being used especially in china. >> translator: it is not so different really than calligraphy. i think our women customers appreciate the quality. >> reporter: he hasn't stopped there. he has also begun another innovation. he developed a range of colored brush pens for use in painting.
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brush pens have been around a while in japan. in the past, they only came with black ink for writing. they are very convenient for the artists, no need for bulky palettes and tubes of paint. unlike the animal hair brushes, the fibers are synthetic. craftsmen carefully adjust the tips of the brush pens. after much trial and error, the company finally came up with a model that worked well. the key was to get the right amount of pressure inside the pens so the ink is released smoothly. the bristles spread well and the pens can be used in combination to create subtle gradations of color. the brushes have proved popular with water color artists and for use in animated movies. there is also strong demand from abroad and now exports make up a third of all sales. >> translator: ultimately, if we
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don't respond to changing times and consumer needs, we'll never be successful. there's no other way. >> reporter: building on centuries of tradition, mizitani is looking to innovation. time for a check on the weather. the people in the u.s. state of florida are dealing with stormy weather conditions. our meteorologist joins us with the details. >> cre, catherine, the first tropical storm is in parts of the peninsula and bringing torrential rains and gusts and rough sea conditions. this is a very slow moving system moving at 4 kilometers per hour towards the northwest. because of the slow movement, stormy conditions will continue in the florida peninsula at least into your early thursday morning local time. this system will likely become a
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hurricane by thursday and probably skim the east coast of north carolina by your thursday morning local time and then make its way towards the northeast while decreasing in intensity. ufo sea conditions and drenching rainfall will likely occur across the eastern seaboard for the next several northeastern area caused by a cool front across the
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building collapsed on top of him. nearly 182,000 houses in iowa and wisconsin lose power during the storms. unfortunately the system is still packing a lot of energy because more severe weather that includes thunderstorms, strong gust, drenching rainfall, plus some isolated tornadoes from oklahoma up to the eastern parts of the great lakes region. lots of things happening across the eastern half of the u.s. as well as eastern canada. across the west, dry weather continues. a new system will be moving in, however, it will not drop any rain. and thunderstorms could ignite more wildfires. we have a couple of more tropical storms to talk about. this one is a tropical storm named ilita, still hovering near the coast of southwestern coast
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of mexico, still bringing lots of rainfall across the coastal areas but expected to weaken to a tropical depression so conditions will be better than what we saw the past couple of days in southwestern mexico. temperatures looking like this, quite hot over the eastern seaboard. 35 degrees in washington d.c., 32 in new york city, with high humid, you'd feel like you're in a tropical bath. across asia, looking quite messy over the southern areas of china as well as central areas, rain is falling heavily, especially in the shanghai area and the rain band will be extending to western japan by tomorrow as well as southern parts of the korean peninsula. hail and thunderstorms wonarnin in china and as well as tokyo. here's the extended forecast.
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that concludes this edition of "newsline." i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. thanks for joining us.
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four media hot spots selection. top one, tokyo's top magazines. media websites in multiple languages are popping up all the time. we check hot spots off the press. >> welcome, i'm chris


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